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Envelope X-ray Spray – Better than a Superpower?


I have grown up a lot in the last several years. I’ve become much more secure and trusting. I mean, I would never be caught dead steaming open a personal letter clearly addressed to my husband, even if it was obviously written by a woman and smelled faintly of perfume. I can’t imagine anyone ever stooping so low…

Because now we have Envelope X-ray Spray! Now, steaming open sealed envelopes is a thing of the past, because Envelope X-ray Spray turns ordinary paper translucent, thus allowing you to get some idea as to whats lurking inside, ruling out any unseemly activities you might be concerned about, or conversely, you can amaze your family and friends with your tremendous psychic abilities.

Your new environmentally-friendly can of x-ray vision doesn’t leave the envelope permanently see-through, the effect last’s for only 30 seconds or so, and then, like magic, the envelope returns to its original state leaving absolutely no indication of the completely insecure, I mean totally ingenious, person you have now become.

So whether you’re simply taking your magic act on the road, or perhaps have a spouse of questionable morals, or maybe you’re simply one of those less than angelic kids that like to have a vague idea of what kind of letters are being sent home from school (before your parents do), Envelope X-ray Spray may be for you. Each can treats several hundred square inches and you can get yours at for under 15 bucks… just don’t get it on your clothes, I’m not responsible for what happens then.


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