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Finger Swipe Headphones

By GadGet

Owning a pair of headphones is no big deal these days, but a pair of wireless headphones? Those tend to still be a novelty among some social circles, but they surely are getting more and more popular considering how there are no pesky wires or cables to worry about. After all, who likes having to unravel cables whenever they are just about to embark on a session of non-stop listening pleasure? Hammacher might have just the thing for those who hate cables – the $ 149.95 Finger Swipe Headphones.

The Finger Swipe Headphones are not only headphones that feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the name itself also implies another trick up its sleeves – they can control the volume with but a single finger slide. Yes sir, it seems that sensitive touchpads that you normally find in smartphones and tablets are now available on the earpieces of the Finger Swipe Headphones itself. Swiping up and down controls the volume, whereas swiping a finger horizontally will advance or rewind a track. Whenever there is an incoming call, the music will stop automatically. Your ears will definitely appreciate the frequency response of 20Hz to 2KHz, where its 40mm drivers deliver rich sound from any audio source. With its built-in rechargeable battery, it can offer up to 10 hours of listening on a single hour charge.


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